Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Olympics

Opening ceremony this Friday and half the tickets are still for sale. Why? Three reasons.

1) Tickets cost £2012 each - yer joking...
2) the Mickey mouse raffle system to purchase
3) failed websites and poor or non-existent sevice!

The greatest event of the year and it's been a farce from start to finish.

We knew that G4S had a problem as been reported last week, however, we didn't know by how much. Today at the select committee Nick Buckles the CEO has admitted they do not know how many people they have employed, how many have been trained or how many are going to turn up. OMG! It's a nightmare.

The two football matches in Cardiff & Glasgow are so under sold parts of each stadium are being sealed off as not wanted, farcical.

As the cameras move round over the next two weeks, huge gaps in all the seating area of the stadiums will become so obvious that it will be an embarrassment for the Government as Ministers try to lobby business that GB is great, some joke eh?

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