Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Labour leadership race

As each day passes it becomes clearer that Jeremy Corbyn [at the beginning the outsider, the invitee to make up the numbers and fill in the left space] is taking an immense lead over the other three.

Now is this a flook brought about by the numbers, or a protest, or a deliberate manipulation of the situation, or is this just what the Labour members want?

If the rumours are true there is already a plan to force a coup if Jeremy Corbyn wins. Unbelievable!

Sometimes bookies can be more accurate that the polls and the bookies are most definitely favouring Jeremy Corbyn at the moment. I must admit the vote will not happen until September so we have 6-8 weeks to go, but at the moment it seems quite clear.

On Newsnight last night [Tuesday 21st July] John McTernan [Labour Party political adviser] said "the Labour members who nominated Jeremy Corbyn are Morons". Now did he say this because of what was happening, i.e., Jeremy Corbyn in the lead, or did he mean it in the sense that there are a group of members who are desperate for the party to return to it's more left of centre roots? Perhaps over the coming days, this situation will become clearer.

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