Wednesday, 13 January 2016

G4S should be closed

G4S should have been closed after the Olympics scandal, G4S had failed to recognise that its practices and management framework needed augmenting for the Olympic contract, very little was done to address the concerns after the government had to send the army in just to make sure the Olympics ran smoothly.

The only thing that happened after the Olympics was Two G4S directors have resigned after a review found that the firm failed to take account of the unique and complex nature of its contract to supply security for the Olympic Games.

Now they are seen as being useless at running centres for juveniles, this after they have been found to be useless at running prisons. How much more do we have to put up with before something is done?

The most recent specific incident is seven members of staff have been suspended by the company at Medway secure training centre in Kent, following abuse claims to be aired by Panorama.

Given that this looks like institutional failure on behalf of G4S, there needs to be a far reaching investigation that does not just concentrate on the individuals concerned but also looks at what was done by those in managerial positions.

G4S [previously Group Four] is a complete waste of time and should be wound up.

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