Sunday, 7 July 2019

Civil Service

There have been a couple of stories over the past week which are concerning if true.

What do we expect from our civil service? Unbiased advice and support. The government can be made from any political party depending on how the votes are cast by the public, so the policies can be from the right, left or centre. However this should not matter to the civil service.

Politicians have personalities and this should not be of concern to the civil service.

One of the stories last week was that memos were circulating showing that support for Jeremy Corbyn if he became Prime Minister would not be fully available, deciding who you give your support to and how much should not factor in the equation that the civil service adopts. The country would be adversely affected if this situation would exist.

Another story was that when Boris Johnson was Foreign Secretary he was not informed on all relevant matters, again such choices should not even be considered as the politician in charge of the ministry should have ALL the facts presented to him/her. What gives the civil service the right to withhold available information based on personal preferences.

If we want the civil service to be impartial, then this really needs investigating by someone like the public accounts committee to monitor the situation and improve it.

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