Sunday, 18 October 2020

Internet Applications

Why is it that the OS [operating system] automatically assumes upon integrating IE [Internet Explorer] into a Microsoft Windows 10 unit that the use of Microsoft Edge as a better source is necessary?

I started working on computers in 1984 and they became part of my leisure time as a gaming platform as well as the mainstay at work. This is a my rant on the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Edge is necessary as Microsoft 'does not' like to allow access to some of its site content using other browsers. Yes, it blocks content from IE whether the user wants to use it or not, dictatorship.

It strikes me as strange that they would develop a browser that depends solely on Windows Defender to protect it. Though defender is better than it used to be, it still ranks below the best of anti-virus suites in popularity, ability, performance, and accuracy.

First, killing Internet Explorer was a big mistake. It has been around for 20 years [1995] so it is familiar to everyone. Second, half of the world uses IE so we are all going to soon be unprotected when Microsoft decides to end support for IE [and they will as they end support for everything]. So all of the IE users will be left unprotected or have to move to a non Microsoft browser [since Edge is only compatible with Windows 10 obviously]. Another brilliant move Microsoft.

If they wanted to fully replace IE with Edge they should have made it compatible with all platforms, not just 10.

Another trifling problem is Favourites, they used to be accessible like any other file / directory but not in Edge. Microsoft has decided to hide them in a database, which the public do not have access to. Bill Gates and his team once more put the padlocks in place as they do not trust the user to have any sense for the wokings of a computer - LOL

Edge's UI [user interaface] is horrid, and by horrid I mean bland, ugly and confusing. In IE we had three simple controls. A house icon [Home] a star [Favorites] and a gear [Settings]. Edge's controls are dots, stacks, lines and other 'crap items' you have to decode them before you start using it. It is all thrown together with a boring grey and white color scheme.

I understand not everyone is going to agree with me, but we all have our own opinions. So there is my rant, I'm not using Edge and I know a lot of other people will probably follow suit.

Oh and remember my gripe about favourites, well if you want to manage favourites now in Microsoft Edge all you have to do is "BUY" a third party app called "Manage Edge Favorites". Do not forget, money is important to the industry.

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