Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic euphoria

After all the niggles on route to the Olympics we are finally here celebrating.

The opening ceremony might have been expensive but it was impressive and a surprise thanks to the lack of leaks beforehand. A clever idea of travelling through time to show the progress of the country.

One problem I have is identity as I keep mentioning country, however, there are three countries in GB and four in the UK and all of them are partaking.

The efforts are magnificent and people are being rewarded but to me some seem to have to work harder than others. While I have absolutely no wish to take anything away from the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Peter Wilson & Greg Rutherford for the effort they have put in and achieved within their sport I have to make a special mention for Jessica Ennis and the heptathlon. She had to win seven completely different activities for her gold medal, and I think that is incredible.

Well done.

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