Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cabinet reshuffle

Well, well, a move to the right. Although the Lib Dem position has not changed, the moves reflect a very strong shift to the right. Is it enough, they are half way through a term so any more shuffles would look like patches.

The media this morning is excited about the Transport Secretary's move to international development secretary, however this only accounts for one item, a third runway at Heathrow. I am sure there are more important considerations than that.

Jeremy Hunts move to health is seen as a massive promotion, I do not understand this, while I understand that the chancellor, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary are known as the top three positions. I do not understand the hierarchy of the other departments. I do not even understand some of the departments.

Department of Culture, Media & Sport!

Maybe I am taking a far too simplistic view. I can see the need for a government that has to oversee the countries finances [Treasury], security [Defence], health, education, welfare, business & transport, but culture media & sport?

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