Thursday, 15 November 2012

Liam Byrne says

"The truth is the world of work has changed very radically since social security was set up back in the 1940s and for many people in work they don't actually feel they get much out for the pressures they have to contend with in everyday life, so I think that fractures support and I think that's why we do have to reinvent social security for modern times and the world today."

"The zero-based review that Ed Miliband would conduct if Labour won the 2015 general election would look at the balance between universal and targeted benefits."

"There has always been a balance in the welfare state between universal benefits and targeted benefits and I'm afraid as part of Ed's zero-based review that balance has got to be looked at, but the chief focus has got to be on getting as many people into jobs as possible. It's good for living standards, it's good for growth and it's good for tax."

He has also said, 'Look, come on, think about this carefully. It would make much more sense to have a different cap in different parts of the country and let's try and take the politics out of that a bit.'

Now remember this is the man that left a note on the treasury desk when Labour left office saying "all the money has gone - lol" If this is how he considers his responsibility to everyone else, why are we still listening to him?

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