Wednesday, 19 December 2012


This is amazing!

Andrew Mitchell lost his job as Chief Whip in September because of an incident between him and the police on the gate in downing street as to where he can ride his bike, through the main gate or through the side gate.

It was established that he swore at the police and made disparaging remarks like:-

"You don't run the country"
"Don't get above your station"
"You are just f'ing plebs"

At the time there was considerable confusion to what had actually occurred, however, Andrew Mitchell always stuck to his story that a) he did swear at the police [which he apologised for very quickly] but b)  he did not use disparaging terms like 'pleb'.

The story is back on the front pages again!!!

It now appears that Andrew Mitchell's side of the incident is more accurate that anyone else’s.

That of course now highlights the question, was he stitched up? and why?

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