Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Egypt aftermath

Violence is never good or the right answer, so what is?

Let us take a step back, 18 months ago an allegedly democratic election was held and one party won. 12 months later the country as a whole rebelled against that democratically elected government, and the army "was invited" to remove it.

First and foremost this is not how we do things in the west, so we are struggling to fully understand the situation. Secondly how does a party win an election, by having the most votes. If the people who voted for them have changed their mind, why not vote for someone else? An extremely simplistic question whish I feel does not currently have an answer.

If we go back to the election we can see something striking that was not enlarged on at the time, and that is there was only two parties running. The Muslim Brotherhood led by Mohamed Morsi and the national party led by Ahmed Shafik who happened to be the Prime Minister under Hosni Mubarak, so perhaps the people did not have a choice as you and I know it as they did not want Mubarak’s regime back, so they voted for the only available option. With hind-site we can see that it will not end well, and if we look at the media we can see in Egypt today on the streets it is not ending well.

More importantly why has the military government now decided that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organisation? To please the people allegedly. This does not bode well for the future.

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