Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What the voters want!

Our political class actively want to be out of step with public opinion, and are sorry they accurately represented it the other day. A survey of Tory MPs revealed that many actually want to vote again on attacking Syria, so that they can authorise this lunacy, even if it is only an incredibly small pinprick with no discernible purpose. And it is not just the Tories. Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, also wants Another Chance To Bomb.

He confided to an elite TV show: ‘Our jaws dropped when the Prime Minister suddenly took the idea of military action right off the table. I wasn’t expecting that, nor was Ed Miliband. If David Cameron is going to put that back on the table, we will look at that.’

Well, if they so fervently want not to represent us, I will say it again.

We do not have to elect these people. I have reluctantly come round the view that we should bring in compulsory voting in this country, provided every ballot paper contains a slot at the top marked ‘None of the below’. And if the numbers voting ‘None of the below’ exceed 30 per cent in any constituency, nobody is elected for that seat. Parliament would get a lot smaller. MPs would become a lot more interested in us and in what we think.

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