Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Old Bailey high-lights

::[disclaimer: bad language ahead...]

Rebekah Brooks, her husband Charlie and News International’s head of security conspired to conceal material from the police including hiding a laptop behind rubbish bins in an underground car park after a drop-off disguised as a pizza delivery, the Old Bailey heard earlier this week.

The prosecution detailed an elaborate plan in which Mr Hanna and a colleague retrieved a laptop and a jiffy bag that had allegedly been hidden by Mr Brooks behind a bin in the car park of his Chelsea Harbour flat. The material was allegedly then driven to News International’s Wapping offices while police raided the home.

“The coast was clear after that,” said Mr Edis.

Mr Hanna then hatched a plan to return the material to the car park in the guise of a pizza delivery to Mr Brooks, the court heard.

The associate of Mr Hanna who delivered the material to a hiding place behind bins, sent a text message to his controller that referenced a line from the film Where Eagles Dare: “Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Pizza delivered and the chicken is in the pot.”

In reply, the controller wrote: “Ha! Fuckin amateurs! We should have done a DLB [dead letter box] or brush contact on the riverside! Cheers mate, log in the hours as ‘pizza delivery’.”

However, the plot went wrong when a cleaner found the hidden material and gave it to his manager, who called the police.

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