Wednesday, 11 December 2013


They are starting to build up on the Prime Minister of this coalition.

We all know that politicians can be pretty flexible but most of them maintain some sort of identifiable core. And of course it is not just possible but right for people to change their minds thanks to thought and experience. What does Mr Cameron believe?

One minute he wants to commit us to war in Syria, so grieved is he by the plight of its downtrodden people. The next, he is denouncing the alleged horrors of the Sri Lankan regime.

Then off he goes to China, the world’s largest police state, dotted with prison camps, which also happens  to be the world’s most aggressive colonial power, and his hectoring voice diminishes to a humble squeak.

He denounces ‘banging on’ about Europe, crime and immigration, then he bangs on about them.

He moves from condemning wind farms as ‘giant bird blenders’ to being a green zealot, then lets it be known that he is tired of ‘green c***’. He has been down a similar twisting lane on the subject of homosexuality.

Not much of this has any meaning. Pledges to curb immigration have turned  out to be as empty as when he first made them. He said he would bring down net migration. It increased, because we cannot stop EU citizens entering our territory. Did he not know that? Of course he did. I just don’t think he cares.

Is it safe to have somebody like this in charge of a government?

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