Thursday, 14 August 2014

British politicians

Recently Mirza Dinnay has been flying to Mount Sinjar in a helicopter to help the Yazidis people who are besieged there. Unfortunately their helicopter has crashed killing the pilot and Mirza Dinnay has suffered a broken leg and is now recovering in a Kurdistan hospital. He had reported as many as 40,000 Yazidis people trapped on Mount Sinjar, but last night the Americans reported fewer than 4000 spotted on the mountain after their reconnaissance mission returned. Presumably they have found a way out which is great news.

The UK has been running regular Tornado runs over the area mapping out the location for the purpose of surveillance and presumably passing the information back to aid agencies, so when Evan Davies of the Radio 4 programme Today asked the Secretary of State for International Development minister Justine Greening if she could clarify just how many people were on the mountain to the nearest 10,000 and she refused saying it was a military operation and we don't comment on military operations, I was surprised.

Either she has not been briefed on the situation, which makes her look like an idiot to the world, or she has been briefed and is just refusing to give over the information which is required by the listeners as it is the top human interest story of today.

Why do our politicians always get it wrong?

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