Thursday, 4 February 2016

PM's sham reforms

Yesterday [Wednesday 3-Feb-2016] David Cameron laid out the re-negotiated deal that he has come back with from Brussels and after a two hour question & answer session in parliament he now stands accused of selling the country short. About half way through there were no more questions available from the opposition benches, only conservatives asked questions in the final hour.

Remember, this is the great deal that will encourage the public to vote remain on 23-June-2016, well it looks more like a damp squid.

The four points:-

were not really stunning to start with, he has now returned with a watered down version saying that this is not the final version, but time is running out. If I wanted to be cynical I would say the PM actually wanted the public to vote leave!

The Prime Minister claimed he had secured 'substantial change' to the UK's relationship with Brussels. In the chamber at Westminster angry Tory backbenchers lined up to denounce his 'slap in the face for Britain'. They said his supposed 'breakthrough' deal did little or nothing to curb mass immigration, restore sovereignty or end the hugely divisive splits in the Tory Party over Europe.

After months of negotiations, in which the PM flew thousands of miles to EU capitals, European Council president Donald Tusk yesterday released the basis for a draft deal intended to keep Britain inside the EU and it is worthless. There is only one way to vote now and that is to leave.

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