Thursday, 19 May 2016

Queen's Speech

Out of 30 items mentioned yesterday, only two are new, it is the most recycled Queen's Speech that has ever been given. It is now hardly surprising that so much was leaked before hand as we have heard it all before.

One of the big things that was missing was the new bill of rights and no mention of sovereignty issues.

David Cameron was expected to announce a whole set of new laws in the Queen’s Speech. There will be consultation on a new British bill of rights, which would replace the Human Rights Act. This would assert the supremacy of the UK courts, but would still incorporate the European Convention of Human Rights to which Britain is a signatory. It was not mentioned.

David Cameron said back in February that the measures designed to tackle European Court of Justice powers would "put beyond doubt" the UK parliament's sovereignty. Plans for a new British Bill of Rights were also left deliberately vague while the new Counter Extremism Bill, expected to be one of the most controversial pieces of legislation in the next session of Parliament also had key details missing. Conservatives in favour of Brexit believe that the Government is intent on shelving any kinds of controversial legislation in the run up to next month’s referendum for fear of alienating support for the remain campaign.

So what did we get from the speech?

Digital Economy Bill, Transport Bill, Planning Bill, Jobs Bill, Markets Bill, Bus Services Bill, Pensions Bill, Education Bill, Prisons Bill, most of these are re-hashed from before.

Is the Westminster Government 'really' worried about Brexit, the answer is yes, but what will the public say on 23-Jun-2016?

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