Sunday, 2 August 2020


TikTok the Chinese owned app that may be spying on us, is apparently supplying our children with mindless videos of celebrities & people doing pranks.
After looking at this app for only five minutes, it was clear that this product has been solely created as a sales & marketing tool which provides relentless selling to viewers. To think that the average age of a viewer is a child, takes my breath away. I thought we had controls for this sort of thing!
The lifestyles portrayed on social media may look beautiful, but there is an ugly slant to TikTok and it is also more noticable today on Instagram. This relentless pursuit of influencers to get us to buy stuff we do not need is appalling.
The problem is shopping opportunities and how TikTok bombard young people with these sales in a way no consumer has experienced before. It is more voracious, more disguised and more targeted at the vulnerable. Of course what makes it worse, is that the money spendt is not immediate, it is all buy now, pay later, which is just a trap.
Rampant consumerism has never been a good thing and coming out of a pandemic we might all be involved.

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