Sunday, 8 November 2020

US Elections

A result has finally been released, Joe Biden is President.

About four days ago, we in the UK had already worked out that would be the result, but for some reason the US could not realise it.

The election was officially last Tuesday and in the UK we usually get a result on Wednesday morning when we get up over breakfast, it is a tradition. We have counters that work through the night.

The US election has a popular vote [the number of people who make their mark] and electorial seats [a specified quantity per state]. The magic figure is 270 to get into the whitehouse and on Wednesday morning it was 220 for Biden and 213 for Trump. By the end of the day it was 253 - 214. It then remained like that until late on Saturday.

The states that were still counting had hundreds of thousands of votes, but some of them were only counting 10,000 a day! Unbelievable!

I would suggest that one reform could be, postal ballots are acknowledged and filed the day they arrive, so that Americans can have the result over their breakfast on a Wednesday morning.

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