Sunday, 17 January 2021

Cyberpunk 2077

After all the negative rehtoric concerning the launch, what are the best bits of Cyberpunk 2077? All of it.

A Night City that feels alive. Walking around Cyberpunk 2077's world is evocative of being in a real city and actually exploring its streets. In Night City, pedestrians stroll around in unique clothes and have personal conversations that V [this is the character that we play] can catch snippets of. Everything has a sense of place and scale as getting from point A to B takes time, particularly on foot. The city's layout does not feel condensed or compromised for the player's benefit.

There are copious advertisements that V will walk past add immersion, convincingly showing a Night City that people actually live in, instead of being a simple facade.

Vehicles play a large part of the game as the world map is enormous, and one of the features of vehicles is the radio. There are over a dozen radio stations and each one is unique. There is a real temptation to spend longer than necessary in the car, doing laps around Night City to listen to more music, or staying parked at a destination to let a song finish.

Dialog, the amount of voice over text is phenominal, and the thing about Cyberpunk 2077 is we are playing our own character, not a pre-made one like Geralt [reference to the main protaginist in Witcher 3]. One of the most difficult features for me to do is side quests, because the main story just carries you mercilessly along. As you finish one part, the game will give you a break to deal with side quests, however, the story you have just finished continues, and you know you cannot leave it.

The districts are very distinct, as you would expect, but the contrast between each area in look and feel as well as the NPC's that inhabit the place are incredible. From rubbish in the street to local police lockdowns, it is easy to realise that you have just strolled into another district. In Charter Hill, around the middle of this section of Night City, you will see a skyway hanging over the road. It was a surprising find to see that you could, in fact, get up to this rather high enclosed bridge. Another surprising part was just how peaceful and especially atmospheric this little area is, with tons of people hanging out, interacting, and living their lives. A couple in each others arms, busy workers on their way to their job.

This has not really scratched the surface, there are the vehicles, the weapons, the clothes, the perks [skills that can be earned] the relationships with major & minor NPCs, I consider there is a lot more good than bad in this game, and shall happily keep playing it.

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