Thursday, 7 June 2012

A new Europe

It appears that there are more urgent talks taking place concerning Europe.

Well the current crisis has been going for over a year, and it is getting worse with announcements that not only are the Greeks leaving their country with huge amounts of wonga, the Spanish are now doing the same.

There are 27 members of Europe [we are one of those] and their are 17 members of the Euro. It does not take a lot to realise that this does not work.

There are 50 members of America [North] and 50 members of the dollar [North], there are 4 members of the UK and there are 4 members of the pound [sterling], you can see a pattern here.

Now I am not suggesting that all 27 members take up the Euro, we for one would not, neither am I suggesting that the 17 become a different country, although out of those two 'extreme' options the latter is the simplest, however, it must be clear now that it has to be handled differently to how it has been.

I think, although it is a bit radical, that the Euro should be restricted to the original 6 members, the other 11 should return to sov fiscal arrangements unless they can show [without cheating this time] that they can sustain the Euro to the same extent as the core 6 members.

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