Monday, 11 June 2012

The United States of Europe

This weekend just gone, Spain has accepted 100 billion Euros as an official bail-out.

However, the Spanish government has gone to GREAT lengths to stress that this is a 'bank' bail-out and not a 'country' bail-out even though the public knows that it "is" a country bail-out.

I, like the markets don't really care what the politicians say, the public will choose at the next elections who they want, however, this loan has stabilised the situation in the Euro zone, but once again it is temporary.

The pot must be nearly empty.

Now is the time for all the members of Europe to come together as one.

We have the United States of America, we have the United Kingdom, the next phase is a "United Europe" and that is what it will be called. It does not matter how many members there are, as long as everyone involved has the same currency and the same government...

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