Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Corrupt British Banking

We keep getting told that bankers should not be categorised as corrupt, and the example of banking hall staff, clerical even cleaning staff are used. This is a misnomer.

Marcus Agius is currently giving evidence to the treasury select committee and is repeatedly being caught out in statements between himself and Bob Diamond who attended the same committee last week.

When these two events are compared it is very easy for an outsider like myself to think that these two men are talking as though they have worked for two different companies, whereas in fact they have both worked for Barclays Bank and at the same time.

Nearly everything Bob Diamond said last week is different from what Marcus Agius is saying today, and the main reason is because the committee has letters written by Marcus Agius and he is now unable to deny them, which show that Bob Diamond last week mislead the committee. Not Good!

The trouble is this is not a surprise, because they are all at the top and they are all corrupt, we're stuffed...

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