Thursday, 12 July 2012

A scandal a day

It is not difficult to find a scandal daily in this country at the moment, so no shortage of subjects to write about. Today's gem is G4S.

A company setup to organise the security for the 2012 Olympics, given 553 million pounds to do it, and with two weeks to go, we find out that they are 3,500 employees short. So what happens, we send in the troops.

When the Home Office minister is asked whether the executive @ G4S will be punished for this outrage, he has no answer. So another half a billion disappears into someone's back pocket.

This 3,500 [extra troops] brings the total of the military involved to about 20,000! Is the tax-payer paying for this? Is Low-Cog who are charging hundreds of pounds for tickets going to fund any of this? Will G4S receive any punitive measures because of the failure?

I think not...

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