Friday, 19 October 2012

Energy debate

Today Ofgem has made a statement. After a decade of thinking about it and a year of talking about it, they now say that there should be reform of the energy situation in this country - LOL!!

What they said today could have been said 12 months ago when they made a statement that the measures could be implemented by winter 2012, so in fact they are still dithering and have no intention of pumping up the speed of this issue.

Angela Knight of Energy UK has been speaking today and constantly using the phrase my customers. For people who join late or are only half listening to the conversation will think she is talking about the consumer, whereas she is actually talking about the big six, which I suspect are making sure she does not go without.

She also repeatedly said that the people want choice, the people demand choice. However, the people want the cheapest deal and that does not figure in her equation...

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