Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy

New York city is like a ghost town apparently as residents are "told" to leave.

One of the infrastructures affected is the underground metro. Well it is best to be safe than sorry. The trouble is the reason for shutting it down is the risk of flooding as it has been predicted that three metre waves could hit and therefore the city will be breached.

If that is the case, then the underground will be flooded, How will all that water be removed from the tunnels to allow the railway to reopen once the wind has passed? Thinking of our tube system if it was to get flooded extensively, I am not sure there is a way to empty the tunnels that quickly.

On another point, if this storm is one thousand miles across and sweeps across land, that's a lot of downed power lines. How long before electricity is restored?

I suspect that the two to three days of the storm will be frightening and devastating, but the two to three weeks or even months of clear up will be horrendous...

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