Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Euro hypothetical

The Prime Minister, David Cameron has just given "that" speech.

It is very difficult to sum up in a few words but it is clear to me that he was trying to get the message across that he wanted Europe to change not just for Britain but for everyone in Europe.

It had been suggested that this was going to be a platform for announcing the referendum and it was. It has been said that "if" the conservatives win the 2015 election, there will be an 'in / out' referendum in 2018, and he has now stated that.

However, what he has stressed this morning is that he hopes Europe will wake up to the change that is needed so that when the referendum arrives, we the people will be able to vote yes.

I expect that when critics start to debate this subject and they are asked by the media will you vote ‘out’ if there are no changes, very few political type people will openly say.

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