Thursday, 24 January 2013

Germany imports

It appears that Germany, the powerhouse of Europe, is now importing 'more' goods & services from Britain than ever before.

If you look at both exports and imports, the Euro zone economies do more business with the UK than any other country, including the US. On average, we accounted for nearly 14% of Euro zone exports between 2007 and 2011 and just over one-tenth of its imports.

The latest figures show that only 37% of German imports and exports in the first three-quarters of 2012 were with other Euro member states, down from more than 45% when the Euro started in 1999.

I have always been pro Europe, geographically we are part of Europe, economically we are part of Europe as well as being part of the global economy, we are just not part of the Euro which will need strong political union, it is only politically we are not part of Europe, which is something that should be addressed.

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