Monday, 18 March 2013

China's new president

Xi Jinping has just started his 10 year term after an election where there was only one name in the ballet. No, I am not going to drone on about Communism, just because I do not believe in it, but I would like to point out some facts that are known.

People in China are more aware of the outside world now than ever before, partly due to communications, but perhaps more importantly, people's access to communications.

The middle class in China has increased substantially, and these people while being brought up their whole lives under Communism are now seeing how the rest of the world lives. Of course it is not all good news outside China, but they must see how other people live and how they have control over their lives. I wonder if over the next 10 years if China's middle class will start asking for more of a say in how their country is run, and more importantly will they be allowed to express their feelings openly?

Apparently another first in China last week was the military budget was increased, whereas in the rest of the world everyone else is cutting theirs. Now I doubt very much that China is thinking of invading someone, I suspect that the military build up is for internal use rather than external, which does not bode well for those affluent middle class who now think it is time they were allowed to speak out.

His message to the armed forces was that they must continue to pledge allegiance to the Communist Party. China's military is expressly political, controlled by the party not by the state. Its duty is to uphold the rule of the party. So when Xi Jinping says he is about reform for the next decade, he is not talking about Communism  or politics he is talking specifically about the party. I doubt an open forum will exist at the end of this decade.

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