Thursday, 13 June 2013

More tax evaders

If I did not pay my bills I would go to jail!

Sadly, we are getting well used to major corporations avoiding tax, at a cost to the Treasury of over £2 billion a year, but that a public utility is cynically indulging in such immorality takes the breath away.

Thames Water, Britain’s biggest water supplier with more than nine million customers, has joined the dishonourable army of tax-dodgers by exploiting loopholes so that it did not pay any UK corporation taxes last year.

While the authorities are quick enough to jump on ordinary taxpayers and small businesses if there’s the slightest suggestion they are underpaying, there hasn’t been a peep of protest from the Treasury. This is despite the fact that the mandarins will know that Thames has a virtual monopoly, operating in what is meant to be a highly-regulated marketplace, and has earned huge profits of over £500 million in the past year.

I have just got my electricity bill in which I have to pay or get cut off and receive a criminal record, I have just received my telephone bill which I have to pay or get cut off and receive a criminal record, and I have just received my water bill which shows I am in credit by £331. I have asked for it back, they have told me to sling my hook. I don’t see them getting a criminal record for that!

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