Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Syria still...

I have mentioned Syria several times over the last two years:

Now the UN is talking tough, that will not help the [estimated] 100,000 who have already lost their lives, however when I say tough...

The Syrian conflict, now over two years old, has reached new levels of horrific farce over the past few weeks. On 11 May, 46 people were killed in a border town in Turkey in an attack linked to Assad’s regime, leading to Turkey shutting its border and inching closer to direct conflict with its war-ridden neighbour.

Then came the Russians saying they are arming the Assad regime in order to provide a "stabilising factor". Following this, the non-renewal of the EU arms embargo is another factor in the equation, although in reality, whatever is said, Britain and France are unlikely to do anything in Syria very soon.

So the question is should Britain, France, the US, the EU, or some combination of the above, intervene?

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