Friday, 18 October 2013

National Crime Agency

The UK’s biggest and most violent organised crime syndicate, the Provisional IRA, now sits in government and receives taxpayer subsidies through its political front organisation.

Through informally legalised drugs and all the issues they bring in their train, and the state-sponsored surrender to drunkenness begun under Margaret Thatcher and completed under Tony Blair, nothing happens to those who behave badly. There is no redress for their victims, besieged in their homes or fearful on the street, who have learned not to bother to seek help from the law.

The answer to this is not another bunch of poseurs in baseball caps, running around with guns and shouting. It is the firm enforcement of existing laws at street level by unarmed, foot-patrolling constables. But you will never see them again. Instead, the Government is spending almost half a billion pounds on the National Crime Agency, a rather sinister body whose very existence defies our national traditions.

It has been created without any fuss or major opposition. And one day, in the hands of a future government, it could be a real menace.

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