Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tesco give-away

Tesco have admitted they have thrown away 30,000 tons of food in the first six months of the year. Why would they do this?

No, not why do they throw food away, every supermarket does, the accountants hate it as it affects the bottom line, but why have they admitted it?

The company said it would be dropping some food promotions, such as some 'buy one get one free' offers, after it was shown two-thirds of produce grown for bagged salad is thrown out. As a result of the findings, it is to end multi-buys on large bags of salad and is developing mix-and-match promotions for smaller bags in a bid to help customers reduce the amount they are wasting.

Could it be that some bright spark has let on that today’s promotions are too old hat and they need a new format?

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