Thursday, 18 June 2015

RBS again!

The 22 June 2012 is memorable for many RBS customers because that was the last time their computer system went down failing to place funds into customers accounts.

Now 17 June 2015 and it happens again. Why has it happened again?

The main reason is because the equipment used three years ago is still in place and is not fit for purpose.

Last week the Chancellor announced that he wants to sell off RBS quickly, now we know why...

Mr Osborne said: 'It's the right thing to do for British businesses and British taxpayers. Yes, we may get a lower price than Labour paid for it. Mr Carney, the Bank of England Governor said the sale would 'promote financial stability, a more competitive banking sector, and the interests of the wider economy' while avoiding 'considerable net costs to taxpayers of further delaying the start of a sale'.

Who ever buys it had better be computer savvy.

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