Monday, 19 October 2015

Home Secretary

The Radio 4 Today programme interview between John Humphries and Theresa May Monday 19th October, 2015.

John Humphries started off with the definition of extremism and the Home Secretary agreed with the definition that he had given although not every one in the Justice Ministry completely understood what they should be doing in connection with the new 2011 laws. The Home Secretary did not agree with that.

They moved onto the position of the Police failing to inform a victim [Leon Brittan] that no further action would be taken in a case, as Home Secretary Theresa May seemed conflicted as to whether she should reprimand the Police in this matter. It was left open ended as time was running out.

John Humphries finished with the question "should a senior civil servant be allowed to influence the government?". First Theresa May said it is not right for the civil service to lay down restrictions on what ministers can say, then when pressed change her mind and said cabinet ministers should not comment where there is a review taking place.

Theresa May repeatedly said during the interview that healthy debate is welcome in this country and yet when this question was asked, that idea seem to change as Theresa May continually changed her mind as to whether the civil service should dictate policy.

Theresa May finished with "as I said to a constituent of mine cabinet ministers should not comment on these matter as they are in line for a judicial review". In other words NO COMMENT, so what happened to healthy debate?

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