Wednesday, 20 April 2016

EU Referendum

Two months to go and the subject could not be hotter.

Last night Nick Robinson reminded us what had happened before in 1974 and the years following. He gave us an idea why we voted the way we did, and what the main topics of the day were at that time. He reminded me why I voted to join the EEC, why I thought it was a good idea and the information that I had been given allowing me to make my decision.

Do I now feel betrayed or misled? No. But I do see how a lot was done without public knowledge and how it is the politicians that make the mess concerning the European Union and how the people have very little to say.

So what did I learn last night and has it changed my mind to vote leave this time?

It started with the 1951 European Steel and Coal Community of West Germany and France, ECSC, later joined by Benelux and Italy. March 1957 brought the Treaty of Rome, and the European Economic Community, with the original six nations. January 1963, at a press conference in Paris, de Gaulle clearly said "Non" to his erstwhile close colleague Harold Macmillan.

Labour held a referendum in 1975 under Harold Wilson which now turns out to be a way to hold the fractious Labour party together rather than a vote on Europe. In 1992 the Conservatives had Maastricht and the treaty led to the creation of the Euro. Then there was the Lisbon Treaty and this was pushed through the back door of Westminster quicker than I can say Nick Robins...

Today, we can say that the Lisbon Treaty is the most important document in the European Union [EU]. It is the newest treaty, the most up to date, and it dictates how European institutions work.

Is today’s EU Referendum going to be much of the same? Possibly if the politicians have their way, they keep saying it is the people's choice, however, if they do not like the answer they will just ask a different question.

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