Monday, 11 April 2016

Tax Returns

I have been conflicted over the past week because I have been following the PM on his crusade [I do not think it is a term too strong] against tax dodgers, whether they be large corporates or small time crooks. As recent as 8-Mar-2016 the European Commission made a press release of the following "Tax transparency: Commission welcomes agreement reached by Member States for the automatic exchange of information on country-by-country reports (CbCR) of multinational companies, subject to UK scrutiny".

However, over the past week it has appeared as I get most of my news from the media that the PM is in the gang, this was disappointing to say the least. I realise that politicians can be two faced but this seemed to be more than just a casual stroll through efficient financing. The PM has now published his tax return and it appears a lot of other politicians will follow suit, some will not and the shadow over them will remain.

It has now become clear and thanks to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that David Cameron has not been dodging [a phrase used by the media this week] his taxes or delving into the murky world of off-shore accounts. I am a saver and I have an ISA and as Jacob Rees-Mogg explained this morning I am an avoider not an evader, which settles my mind considerably.

As far as the EU referendum is concerned mine and the PM's view will continue to differ as I read the  leaflet setting out the governments position that has just popped through the letter box.

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