Thursday, 14 July 2016

New Prime Minister

Firstly congratulations to Theresa May for becoming the UK Prime Minister.

Now what does she have to do? Create a government, that is done by appointing ministers as secretary of state to various departments.

The top three jobs are Chancellor, Home Sec & Foreign Sec and they are Philip Redmond, Amber Rudd & Boris Johnson. Then there will be a host of others for health, education, trade, defence, transport, environment and many more.

A new job has been created called Secretary of State for leaving the European Union and this has been given to David Davies, who has written about exiting several times recently and should do well, depending on the reception he gets by European leaders. Talking of new jobs, she has created the minister for international development which has been given to Liam Fox.

One of her jobs will be to keep the four countries together, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales, not an easy task but one that test her initial period.

We still have one of the biggest budget deficits to get to grips with which will mean more austerity, in  2015 UK government debt amounted to £1.56 trillion, or 81.58% of total GDP, at which time the annual cost of servicing [paying the interest] the public debt amounted to around £43bn, and juggling this could be one of the trickiest issues.

Her statement outside 10 Downing Street started with "I follow in the footsteps of a great modern Prime Minister. The Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the privileged few but by you. We won't entrench advantages of the fortunate few. We will do everything to help you go as far as your talents can take you." If Theresa May was to continue this rhetoric she might just have a plan that works.

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