Saturday, 2 July 2016

What comes after Brexit

No plague of killer toads, no economic crash and no World War three.

However, the chancellor has abandoned the punishment budget, the remainers’ are desolate and the Tory war continues with Michael 'I have absolutely no intention of ever being Prime Minister' Gove announcing that he will stand for the leadership stabbing Boris Johnson in the back, front, sides and everywhere else as shown by Boris' speech Friday morning announcing that 'he was not the man' after obviously being told to stand down.

But this is only part of the story, because rather than leaping onto the bandwagon and enjoying the moment at the Conservatives expense, Labour crumbles. During the day nearly every member of the shadow cabinet resigned, it was a bloodbath and it felt that at the end of the day Jeremy Corbyn was phoning round the job centres looking for anyone that would say yes when asked would they be prepared to be a member of a Labour shadow cabinet. One MP Pat Glass broke a Westminster Parliament record by resigning two days after accepting the position.

So where do we stand?

The country is divided, confused, angry, leaderless and this is the perfect time for someone to rise in the aftermath of Brexit. Who will it be?

One thing we should not forget at this time is the result of the Brexit vote was 52/48 or 17 million / 16 million votes. How do the 16 million voters feel right now and do they have anyone standing up for them? It now appears that a referendum is completely different from any other type of election as the losers seem to come away with nothing.

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