Monday, 7 November 2016

American Elections

After what seems like the worst tempered US election ever, America will at last make it's decision next Tuesday [8-NOV-2016].

History may well look back on 2016 as the year when the US finally choose a woman to lead it, or when the post war US global order started too break up.

As I write this, it is too close to call as after the FBI steps in a second time highlighting more of Clinton's missing emails surrounding a sex scandal that outweighs Trumps sexist comments from a decade ago, the gap between them has narrowed to just one point.

Perhaps it will come down to turnout?

How many people are going to turnout and vote?

If it is a low turnout due to disinterest or a high turnout due to "I must for the B as I cannot stand A" scenario, then no one can predict the outcome, it is still all to play for.


The FBI has done it again! In the last 12 hours the FBI has announced that there is NO new evidence in the Clinton emails. Now eleven days ago when they said they had found another stash of emails to investigate, a lot of Americans were going to the early stations to vote, so who exactly is the FBI gunning for?

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