Wednesday, 9 November 2016

President Elect

Donald Trump announces that Secretary Clinton has just called him with the congratulations, and so it begins.

Middle class and working class people in America have said they have had enough of corrupt career politicians and now the questions.

Last Friday Donald Trump unveiled a two-minute television advert in which he rails against the political establishment, juxtaposing clips of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros and Janet Yellen against grim images of empty US factories. That was just one piece, but it appears to have worked.

Trump has opposed the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership deal and called for fundamental changes to the Nafta pact with Mexico and Canada. He has also threatened to impose punitive 45 per cent tariffs on goods from China, stoking fears of a trade war.

Foreign Policy:
Trump has said that Mr Obama’s deal with Iran, which seeks to prevent the Islamic Republic from attaining nuclear weapons, would be dismantled or at least restructured and I suspect a much closer relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump has signed up to the Republican pledge that Mr Obama’s signature Obamacare reforms must be “released and replaced”.

Tax policy:
Trump has promised the biggest tax revolution since Ronald Reagan, pledging to cut taxes across the board. He says no American business would pay more than 15 per cent of their profits in tax, compared with a current maximum of 35 per cent. The top rate of tax would fall from 39.6 per cent as the Republican reduces the number of tax brackets.

Supreme Court:
With the highest court in the land currently split 4-4 between conservative and more liberal judges, Trump faces relatively easy confirmation of his pick by a Republican Senate.

Climate change:
Trump has called global warming a hoax invented by China to make US manufacturers uncompetitive and vowed to “cancel” the Paris climate agreement, which built on a deal Mr Obama struck with China.

Trump has campaigned on his pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border, called for a ban on Muslim immigration and the deportation of 11m unauthorised immigrants. However, he has subsequently made more ambiguous statements, promising instead “extreme vetting”.

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