Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Eastleigh by election

I was not going to write about this because frankly it is nonsense, however, the public seem to have caught the "bash the Liberals" bug.

I do not disbelieve the women who have complaints and I do not disbelieve that the higher ups in the party ignored them, however, this chapter has come about because the Tories are leaning on certain media bosses so that they can have a free run in Eastleigh.

What amazes me is the locals bite so hard.

Watching on the news channel, it was like a soap opera. Place the Lib Dem candidate in the street and queue the public. Candidate explains about health, education, defence etc, and the public ask "so did Nick Clegg know then?"

Obviously several investigations are in progress, but it does look at face value that there are serious issues at Lib Dem HQ, Nick Clegg says he knows nothing, Tim Fallon saying that they [the Lib Dems] have screwed up, his words, it is not going to end well for the Liberals.

Let us not forget the reason why there is a by election, one of the Lib Dems might be going to prison!

It could have been written for the west end...

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