Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tunis political upheaval

Tunis was not one of the countries I mentioned earlier,

however, geographically it is right at the start of this chain. Tunisia is wedged between Algeria & Libya.

Why did I leave it out, at the time I considered it to be stable, an error on my part obviously.

One incident has occurred, the death of an opposition politician and now there are rumours of a general strike, well to me that seems to be a bit over the top. It would appear that for the last two years since the beginning of the Arab spring, not everything in the garden smells of roses after all.

After an explosion of public outrage over the murder, Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, who is from the Ennahda party, said in a televised address that he would form a new administration of non-political technocrats.

But Ennahda’s parliamentary leader Sahbi Atig said the following day that his bloc of MPs had rejected the plans, laying bare deep divisions within the Islamist party and furthering a confused political situation.

There is now a fear of violence on the streets as democracy is very young in the area.

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