Monday, 4 February 2013


A report by a select committee has shown a lack of confidence in the IPCC by the public in recent years and states it is woefully under resourced.

However, the IPCC has also been criticised about it's culture in the way in which cases are being investigated. The figures are staggering. 8,035 cases during 2012 against the police of which 21 where investigated by the IPCC. That is outrageous.

The head of the IPCC Dame Anne Owers says they are not able to work any harder due to lack of resources, and yet this reason has only become public when they were challenged about the lack of effort being made, there is no record of extra resources being applied for.

There appears to be a lot of disgruntled opinion towards the IPCC and I wonder if a new body should be created to wipe out the lacklustre attitude of the current members.

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