Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Airport VAT

This was something that I did not know was happening.

One of the most tiresome rituals of air travel after going through passport control, is shopping, no matter how trivial, it involves a cashier demanding to see your boarding pass. It is an automatic reaction that I have not considered until now. You might want to buy nothing more than a newspaper or a packet of tissues, but having worked your way along the queue, you reach the till to be greeted with the request for your boarding pass.

Today it has been revealed that it is not necessary and more importantly the retailers are using it to boost revenue. It has also been suggested that the public should revolt by refusing to show a boarding pass, this will take time for people to break the habit but it will not produce cheaper goods for the consumer because the retailers will just charge full price.

However, what it would do if everyone started doing it is to force the retailers to pass on the VAT to HMRC and of course we would all benefit from that.

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