Wednesday, 19 August 2015


My driving licence has just dropped through the letter box - huzzah.


It still has the previous address!

I phone DVLC and am greeted by a very pleasant voice and tell them my name and my query [why have you sent back my DL with the previous address on it when I sent it with a completed form for change of address?]

Can I have your driver number she asks, I pass it over.

We do not have you on our records, this is disconcerting. After a few minutes we ascertain she has substituted one of the letters for something else and we get [aah there you are - normal service has been resumed].

The next response is a little stranger, she says we did not know what you wanted. I point out that the little box next to [change of address] had an X in it and why have they sent the licence to address B with address A on it.

We haven't changed it she says, I know that is my question, why not? It is not a new licence she says. !! I appreciate that but why have you not changed the address, we haven't changed the address she says.

I ponder for a moment and put the phone down realising that this will costs a fortune and get me nowhere.

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