Friday, 21 August 2015

Post Office Phones

I recently moved and asked my phone company to move my number. No problem they said as the STD code was the same.

Issue 1) They switched the phone off two days before the move so contacting people was tricky.

Issue 2) The phone did not work at the new location.

When queried I was told a new contract had been created and I had to wait two weeks.

Issue 3) I started using the phone in the new location when it was switched on without realising it was a different number!

When queried they said I could not keep the same number as it was being used by someone else.

Issue 4) The adjoining broadband service was offline.

After the two weeks of no phone and no BB the service was once again up and running allbeit on a different number which I had to inform all the usual services about, bank, utilities, insurance, pension, family & friends.

Issue 5) Three days later BB went offline.

Before I could pick the phone up to complain, a P.O. engineer called me to say the phone number had been successfully reverted - WTF!

Just in case you missed it, this is

Post Office Phones

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