Thursday, 3 March 2016

EU week one

French finance minister Emmanuel Macron has said in the FT [Financial Times] that David Cameron was right to warn that Brexit would lead to migrant camps relocating from Calais to Dover. The quote from the FT is: "The day this relationship unravels, migrants will no longer be in Calais," so where will they go, home? I think not.

George Osborne is still using 'Project Fear' against those thinking of leaving and has dubbed Brexit "the worst of all worlds" and ”in last few days, we have had confusion heaped on confusion from those who want to leave the EU”.

The only confusion I see is from the 'IN' campaign where once again Sir Stuart Rose has not come across with the best of slogans saying that people's wages will rise if Brexit happens, more good news for the people on the street.

Boris Johnson has been making himself known for the Brexit camp by saying the PM & Chancellor are clutching at skirts with reference to Angela Merkel and "if we stay in the EU, we will inevitably find ourselves dragged in” also “Forget Project Fear, it is time for Project Hope.”

This is mostly from the right side of politics, what about the left I hear you ask, well Labour is getting on with the day job as Rebecca Long-Bailey tackles Government plans to sneak out income disregards on tax credits via a Statutory Instrument. Thank goodness for pressure groups.

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