Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mass Migration

Yesterday [29-Feb-2016] the first cracks started to appear in the EU. Shengen we know has already died last year but yesterday it turned ugly.

Violence broke out on the Greek ~ Macedonian border.

A lot of fences have appeared between EU countries in the last twelve months [Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia] but tensions finally broke when migrants used a battering ram to tackle the gate on the Greek ~ Macedonian border.

Worried for their safety, security in the area used tear gas to repel the invaders and as the gas went through and past the attackers it affected the families behind them. Doctors without Borders treated several people for tear gas effects including children.

Macedonia has made a statement this morning and the Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov warned that once Austria reaches its cap of a maximum 37,500 migrants transiting through this year, the refugee route through the Balkans will have to close.

Macedonia's neighbour Greece is currently taking in 3000 refugees a day, that is over 1 million a year and the figure is rising. Greece has asked the other 27 countries for help in a system where politicians want closer union and only two countries have stepped up to the mark, Germany and the UK.

I still do not see an satisfactory argument for staying in a failing leviathan.

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