Thursday, 24 March 2016

Opposition spokesperson

After scanning the various reports detailing the latest PMQs [Prime Minister's Questions] it appears that everyone agrees the opposition spokesman asked all the right questions but if the viewer was polled at the end of the session the result would be government 1 opposition 0.

What has caused this situation to occur? Delivery.

What is required from an opposition spokesperson is the speed and  tenacity to own issues and chase them through to completion, communicating effectively and in a timely manner to put pressure on the government spokesman in this case the PM. This is not happening and as a consequence what should have been [by all reports] the worst week in government for David Cameron, turned out to be one of the most entertaining spectacles of the season at least for viewers.

I am happy to admit that Jeremy Corbyn has the largest membership mandate of any leader in recent history, however, he has to be trained how to deal with the PM for the sake of the show, or create a new role to bypass the PM [and a new kinder politics or the geography teacher stare did not cut it] or someone else has to stand at the podium to combat the government getting easy points week after week.

Out of the above three I think it would be best if JC was coached in the art of repost because at times Corbyn was very good. The first half of his final question was excellent, he started well too, and his question about why the government proposed the PIP cut in the first place if it is saying now it can do without the money was a shrewd one that Cameron could not answer, and he still has the support of the majority.

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