Monday, 6 May 2019

Local elections 2019

Last week there was one set of results, but a dozen different versions of what happened.

The remain side decided the backlash against the two main parties was a clear statement that the populace were fed-up with Brexit and wanted it dropped, no hard version, no soft version, no any type of version, just dropped.

The leave side were convinced that the backlash against the two main parties was a clear statement that the populace were demanding action now, no more prevarication, leave with or without a deal, just get on with it.

There was also the side that thought rather than a vote against the main two, it was a positive vote for the alternatives, the Lib Dems for a move against the two party state, the Greens as climate change has moved up the agenda, the Independents as each one had a message that resonated with voting public.

Then there were the spoiled ballots. No site has published the full list of spoiled ballots, in 2015 there were nearly 100,000 spoiled ballots recorded, while watching the results roll in some areas were prepared to release the data at the time:-

Basildon 800
Castle Point 414
Chelmsford 539
Folkestone 647
Great Yarmouth 693
Tendring 600

While all this is being mulled over and debated, in three weeks we have the Euro elections and currently the pundits have the Brexit Party way out in front. If it is true and they sweep in with a landslide, what does that do for the current position of politicians. The media will say it is the people's will and should be honoured, but if the main two parties have take two years already, hardly anything will change at the end of May.

But what if the forecasts are wrong?

The Brexit party does not get a landslide, they get a very small percentage not worth mentioning, what will the people have then?

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